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Captain Vapour was lucky enough to get the first Kangertech Five6 AKD’s in New Zealand, thanks Kangertech! I have thoroughly tested this Kangertech Five6 Vape over the past three weeks and I’m very happy with this advanced vape unit, including our clients who have also responded with amazing feedback.

I have been mentioning to Kanger that they are missing a high end advanced product and they have delivered. No less than five 18650 batteries go in this unit and you can even charge your phone from it… It is going to power the whole of New Zealand! My iPhone Plus charged very quickly within two hours from my vaporizer – no excuse for a dead phone with this around!

The Kangertech Five6 comes in five colours: black, red, yellow, green and cyan blue. The MOD casing can be changed out for different colours, and Captain Vapour will be stocking these for all your colour moods!

The unit is huge, the flavour is huge and its innovative multiple ohm choice coils and tank are great for changing up its vapour delivery for different times of the day use.

Have Kangertech gone to far with this huge vaporizer? Yes they have, it drinks heaps of juice and it’s vapour delivery is unbelievable!

Captain Vapour Kangertech AKD Five6 Available Now


The supplied 2 x Kangertech Tiger Coils are huge, but so is the tank and there is plenty of room for E-Liquid in the device, though running vaporizer on full bore will certainly suck the juice out of it!

The coils and tank are the best part of this device: The coils are in parallel and there are three coil slots going down the inside shaft of the casing. The outside of the tank has three switches that light up when engaged, which in turn will fire up the respective coil during use. The three modes are:

  • One coil running at 0.6ohm which auto switches the Five6 MOD to 60W
  • Two coils running at 0.3ohms which switches the Five6 to 120W
  • Finally all on with three coils running at 0.2ohms which auto switches the Kangertech Five6 Mod to 180W.

For first use the coils need a good couple of drips down the shaft to get the cotton soaked and ready for use. We will move on to filling the tank and setup in the Kangertech Five6 Tanks section.

Coil life: Dependant on how much you use this beast, I found that my sweet spot was running two coils and switching them around so all coils get the same life on the job! Weekend three coil delivery is easy to manage! After three weeks of use the coils were still good, and the flavour immense, though I changed them out today to remind myself for this review!

Captain Vapour Kangertech AKD Five6 LED Coils
Captain Vapour Kangertech AKD Five6 Coils


The Kangertech Five6 Tank is designed for this unit and is also available separately right here at Captain Vapour. With the coils needing 180W+ to power them, these tanks need to go on a very high end power and amp capable MOD. It is best used on its very own FIVE6 Mod!

As mentioned in the Coil section, the tank has three switches that light up during use on the side. These can be changed without removing the tank and it automatically adjusts the MOD Watts to a default setting on change: 60, 120 & 180W respectively.

Next up the tank is the air flow adjuster, and as expected, fully open gives huge air as I would expect with such an extreme vapour delivery unit. This is 100% a direct lung vape.

Tank glass: the tank comes with two glass parts, one clear and the other temperature aware and in goes from a smokey dark black colour to clear when it gets hot.

The tank seals are rubber and coloured to match the MOD shell casing. The Tiger coil screws into the base of the tank and the top part of the tank screws into the tanks lid which holds the glass and seals perfectly to the rubber.

Filling the tank: The tank has a 180 degree flip out top with a hole to get your E-Liquid in. I found the best method was to syringe out of the bottle and into the tank, making it very clean and quick to fill.

After three weeks of use, the tank has not leaked once bar overfilling it while looking way for a second! I can’t believe how much vapour and flavour this unit delivers. Easily one of the best designed advanced tanks and coil, and extremely good for an off the shelf coil in an E-Liquid vaporizer.

Captain Vapour Kangertech AKD Five6 Glass
Captain Vapour Kangertech AKD Five6 Top Fill


The plastic mouthpiece is definitely mouth to lung with its huge size, this works perfectly with the wider air flow setting for the unit. Too big? Never. It does what it is supposed to do, however, continuous use and sharing this vape at 180W on full bore produces a lot of heat and it will expectedly get hot!

Captain Vapour Kangertech AKD Five6 Cases 2


The size of this unit at first was daunting, though after placing five charged Sony VTC6 18650 batteries in it and taking its weight, felt quite at home with its aesthetics. Yes its huge and probably the max you could think of ever going, but all possible in one hand!

The fire button is perfect on the thumb and the display is very simple, though all that is needed for this behemoth.

The display shows the Battery level, the current coil Ohms, the wattage setting and the Voltage being drawn under load. On full bore 180W on three coils the volts are hitting 7.5Volts. Having five 18650s ensures less strain on the batteries.

To put the batteries into the unit and to pull them out, you need to slide the shell casing down the unit and once you have pulled it off the magnets that hold the shell on will find the whole bottom of the MOD is for the five batteries.

Kangertech have built the base very well and display the positive (+) and minus (-) for the batteries very well.

Once all the batteries are in place, the shell slides back in place and you are good to go.

For Phone/ Tablet charging: There is a USB port on the side of the device with an button to engage this feature. The display will then show a phone with a cable to let you know it is in USB charging mode.

Kangertech Five6 MOD wattage: 

The Five6 MOD is designed for the Kangertech FIVE6 Tank and with five 18650 batteries you would expect this to hit the 300W mark ability. To me this would be unnecessary and dangerous. Well done Kangertech on limiting this to 220W. This is still overkill but there is plenty of headroom. The device is Wattage control only and does not have a temperature control mode – for what it is achieving in this kit it does not need it. Can you use other 510 thread tanks on this unit, yes you can. And they will last a very long time if of a lower specification…. especially if you are running a tank with 1.5ohm 10W coil lol!

Other noted MOD features:

10s cutoff: If you manage to fall asleep on the fire button of accidentally leave it on for over 10 seconds, it will auto shut off and fire up a warning in the display.

Five clicks: standard five fast clicks for on and five clicks for back off.

Selecting different coils with the three tank switches, auto selects different Watt settings to get you where you need to be. This is covered in the Kangertech Tiger Coils section.

Coil Skins: if you want a different colour, the MOD skins are available separately. It will look like you own a new one every week!

Captain Vapour Kangertech AKD Five6 LED Cases
Captain Vapour Kangertech AKD Five6 LED 222w


Well what can I say, is five x 18650 batteries in a vape unit overkill, well in this case no. When you are throwing out 120W+ the batteries are going to run out quite quickly and the five batteries give such a huge device a good couple of days life with the option to charge your phone or tablet device.

For me, with such a high end device I chose Sony’s VTC6’s with 30A and over 3000mAh per battery. This is probably overkill as 5 x 30A are not required to power the Kangertech Five6 AKD Tank. I would recommend the cheaper LGHG2s with 20A and 3000mAh per battery, though if you want the VTC6’s drop us a line and we may have some in the hold for our new Kangertech Five6 owners!

** With any vape unit, do not use batteries out of different devices. If you buy this Vape kit, you need to use new batteries that are dedicated just to this device. Mixed batteries are not recommended. Be safe.

Charging the batteries: there are too many batteries for this device to charge via USB. Kangertech excluded this on purpose, and you will need a dedicated external battery charger that will charge five batteries. We have teamed the Kangertech Five6 up with Efest’s top of the line Efest BLU6, six bay, bluetooth charger.

Captain Vapour Kangertech AKD Five6 LED 5 Batteries


The Captain’s sweet spot for day to day use is 120W on two coils tuned down to 100W. Perfect! After a few jars, go full bore and go 150W. Huge!!!

Is this unit too big, yes, does it deliver, yes, am I happy with it yes! The coil lasted three weeks with more left in the bag for my use. I would expect a two week life, though I have been on other vapes too. I will consult with our local Kangertech Five6 doctors on their coil shelf life. I have knocked the price down on 60ml Captain Vapour E-Liquid for our Five6 owners! It drinks the stuff. 3mg NIC is the max for this device unless you have a very tough throat. I’ll be bringing in 1.5mg juice on request if you need to go to the top and need less grunt.

The unit cannot be charged by itself, and quite rightly so as five x 3000mAh batteries just won’t charge on a USB cable. I can see why Kangertech did not allow charging directly on the MOD, and if you are going this extreme you not only need to be safe, but also need a dedicated outboard 18650 battery charger. We did our research and decided on supporting this device with the top of the line Efest BLU6, bluetooth six bay battery charger which also has a cool phone app!

All up the initial investment is over $250 with unit, charger batteries, extra coils and E-Liquid. But if you want something extreme, is easy to setup, that delivers as good as most of the DIY kits out there, I would highly recommend the Kangertech Five6 AKD Vape. If you need any more information on this device, please feel free to drop us a line.

Thanks for reading our Kangertech Five6 Review.
Captain Vapour. ⚓

** Please check our battery safety guide before using any vaporizer products

Captain Vapour Kangertech AKD Five6 Detail