Advanced RDAs and RTAs NZ

Vape Tanks, RDAs & RTAs, are sampled, tried and tested before being stocked at Captain Vapour. We’ve moved from a solely Kangertech shop, and aim to keep the best in category stock with spares. Our journey here in the Tasman region sees our client’s need for the more advanced devices so we have delivered, and now share to all of New Zealand.

If you are new to rebuildable atomizers, a good starting point is the DIGIFLAVOR DROP SOLO Single Coil RDA, some Geekvape Pre-Made Coils, with some Geekvape Feather Cotton.

We’ve seen plenty of requests on how these work, and with the help of some helpful local coil building maestros, we’re running some demonstrations at our weekly social catch up at the Motueka Sunday Market.
If you have any q’s, feel free to email. Please do your research before using any of these units, there are a lot of factors.

Captain Vapour GeekVape Creed RTA

More RTAs and RDAs on the way

Captain Vapour is always expanding our lines of vape products, we gain early prototypes, test if any better than the unit in the current category, often keeping a couple if a close match, so keep a close eye as we update weekly, seeing Ship Hot deals from our Port Of Motueka. NZ. ⚓

*If you haven’t already researched batteries, their safety, and how they work, please read our Battery safety guide. – Do your research before using any vaporizer atomizer needing an advanced battery.

Advanced RTAs NZ - Rebuildable Tank Atomizers

Advanced RDAs NZ - Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers

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