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Captain Vapour Kangertech U-Boat Square 1 (E-Cigarette)
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Captain Vapour Kangertech U-Boat Cartridges
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Kangertech U-Boat (Easy Starter Vape)


The Kangertech U-Boat Refillable Pod system is here in NZ. The USA has seen the Pax JUUL as the No.1 POD system, and we almost purchased stock of these until the Kangertech U-Boats docked in harbour. The U-Boat is the perfect way to have a try at vaping/ own a spare/ or use as a discreet vape while travelling. Easy to use.
We recommend 0mg, 12mg or 18mg NIC level 50/50 E-Liquid to start the sail.
A single pod will last around a week – make sure you have enough stock of U-Boat Pod Cartridges to stay at sea.
A great price from Kangertech passed on to assist with Harm Reduction.

In stock (can be backordered)

Need just a 10ml E-Liquid to Start You Voyage?

On a budget? 10ml in a Kangertech U-Boat can last up to a week (use dependant)

Extra Pod Cartridges to Refill your U-Boat

The package comes with one Kangertech U-Boat Pod Cartridge/ Coil, which lasts about a week.
Save on shipping – order more now!

Extra USB Charging Cable?

The U-Boats’s usb a special cable due to shape. We support all parts so have spares.
Why not grab a cable for home/ vehicle/ work?

Extra 30ml of E-Liquid – Bestsellers

Why not grab some of Captain Vapour’s Bestselling E-Liquid with your purchase.

Another 30ml of E-Liquid – Bestsellers

Why not stock up on Captain Vapour’s Bestselling E-Liquid with your purchase.

Extra 60ml of VG E-Liquid – Bestsellers

Why not grab some of Captain Vapour’s Bestselling VG E-Liquid with your purchase.

Extra 120ml of VG E-Liquid – Bestsellers

Do you know what you want, and time to grab a 120ml of Captain Vapour’s Bestselling VG E-Liquid?

Add a Squeezy Gorilla Bottle?

Glass is best for storage, recycling and hygiene, though cannot be squeezed for dripping.


Kangertech U-Boat Pod System

The eagerly awaited Kangertech U-Boat Refillable Pod system is in Port, and with us in New Zealand at Captain Vapour. It’s such an honour that Kangertech thought of Captain Vapour, and released this nautical themed vape. Kangertech are now in their 11th year of saving lives and their designer can come out with some crazy prototypes, some ground breaking, and a few that are too innovative for the western world! What we have here is a beautifully designed closed pod system device, perfect for beginners who want something compact and easy to use. The U-Boat is also perfect for a spare vape, or a compact travel unit even for the more advanced Harm Reduction enthusiast.
And the best part… It looks like a submarine! 🇩🇪☠️🛳️💥🌊🇻🇳🌊⚓👨‍✈️💨🇳🇿

Why arrrghh Kanger U-Boats such a good deal at Captain Vapour?

As you will note, these Kangertech U-Boats at only $25 each are a very tuned price from Captain Vapour. But why is this? This is Captain Vapour doing its part for Harm Reduction, targeting a demographic we see at our Port Motueka market, who need such a device to be freed – we fully understand this can be hard for people, especially if on a budget or new to trying this proven method of Harm Reduction. Kangertech have helped, and we priced our Kangertech U-Boats to just cover our costs, doing our part in helping save a billion lives.
Arrrrggghhh splendid divide of plunder from tonnage sunk, also applies to the U-Boat Pod Cartridge refills we have steady supplies, continuing at this helpful price.

But waat does Pirate Cap’n want in return ye say’? It be nothin’ eye tell ye. We are just doing arrrgggh bit, and if you’re a good sailor yourself and have a few mins, you could share this “Starter Vape Captain Vapour Deal” with others on Facebook, or wherever they need us!
Rant: The tax goes up every year to help force citizens to stop smoking and our government did something to sleep at night, but what was the plan for our lower income smokers who took on this advertised habit when smoking was ok years ago?
Good luck on your journey – send sonar if you need the Captain! Jon & The Crew @ Captain Vapour. Port Motueka. New Zealand. 

Captain Vapour Kangertech U-Boat How It Works

Other Pod Systems and the Kangertech U-Boat:

The USA sees the Pax JUUL become the No.1 closed POD system – we almost purchased a stock of these expensive to run systems, and we are saved with the Kangertech U-Boat coming to the surface at Port Motueka, NZ!

The Kangertech U-Boat offers refillable Pods, is very small size in size, fitting perfectly in your top pocket, bag, in fact anywhere. The 550mAh battery stores enough power to last the day at sea, with charging to full in around one hour. The unit has an automatic puff sensor system so there isn’t even an ON or OFF button!

Captain Vapour First Use:

Our first use of this surprised us. It has better vape delivery than any other Pod systems we have tried… The airflow for Mouth To Lung is great, slightly more can be drawn than other brands if you need to. The biggest benefit is the refillable U-Boat Pod Cartridges, making it cheaper to run than the proprietary cartridge systems we see such as the JUUL, allowing us to chose and support, our favourite New Zealand Vendor E-Liquid flavours. (Its like having a printer cartridge you are allowed to refill.)

Your Captain is setting sail to Europe in May, and this will be my choice to travel through each airport to the destination, making this perfect as a travel/ backup vape unit – even for the more adventured enthusiasts!

These Kangertech U-Boat POD format style vapes, are destined to replace all the out dated mini tank format MTL vaporizers such as the TOPEVOD etc.

Specifications & Feature:

  • Capacity: 2mL
  • Coil: Ceramic 1.5Ohm
  • Battery: Built-in Li 550mAh battery
  • Compact and light weight, convenient to be carried anywhere
  • All-in-one design, no need to assemble it
  • Built-in Li 550mAh battery, supports unique and convenient charging method
  • Smart control On/Off button, easy operation – nothing to do buy vape!
  • Leakage-free filling design
  • Charging: Specialized charging dock, DC 5V/200mA

Package Includes:

  • Kangertech U-Boat Pod
  • 1 x U-Boat Cartridge
  • Uboat USB Charging Dock
  • Pack of rubber bungs for E-Liquid fill hole.
  • User Manual

Captain Vapour U-Boat First Use Instruction:

  • Ease the cartridge off from the unit and put aside.
  • Using the supplied USB charging cable, put your U-Boat battery on charge until full…
  • Place some kitchen roll on the bench, remove red rubber bung from the U-Boat Pod Cartridge.
  • Grab your favourite Captain Vapour 50/50 E-Liquid give it a good shake, remove shrink wrap and undo the cap.
  • Squeeze the pipette and fill the cartridge. (Hold up to the light to see the level inside.)
  • Once full place the red rubber bung back in.
  • Place the cartridge back on to the Kangertech U-Boat Battery.
  • Wait 5 mins for the E-Liquid to soak into the coil and cotton.
  • When the battery is charged you will see a white light,
  • Take the Kangertech U-Boat off the charging cable.
  • Draw on the mouthpiece to receive the magic!
  • Ahead Full, at ease U-Boat Sailors!

Captain Vapour U-Boat Tips:

  • Captain Vapour recommends using a 50/50 E-Liquid to fill up your U-Boat cartridges. To start, chose a flavour, and try 0MG, 12MG or 18MG with this perfected delivery Mouth to Lung Vape. I would recommend getting a 12MG if changing your habit, and also grab a 18MG Nic level bottle in case you need more throat hit. If you have never tried vaping before, do remember it is different, and your throat will take a couple of days to adjust.
  • Do not let the cartridge run completely out of E-Liquid, otherwise you are burning dry cotton in the cartridge – you will get a burnt taste with no way back, except replacing with a new cartridge. Look after your new process!
  • Always wait for the E-Liquid to soak in for five mins.
  • When is it time to change the cartridge? The cotton can only take so much punishment being heated up, it will deteriorate and the taste will start to disappear/ a burnt taste will slowly form.
  • From the same customer discussions and my personal experience: When you totally cut over to vaping, do have a thought on a couple of points. Could you be forced to buy combustibles fire sticks if your U-Boat was lost at sea/ sunk? Do I need something extra for those moments around other smokers or at the local pirate tavern? Do think about owning a spare vape when you can afford it. You could even put something stronger in to help with those extra tempting moments.
  • More to follow…

Have we missed anything/ any questions?

  • Please feel free to ask – we like to pass on our experience and knowledge to assist with everyone’s Harm Reduction journeys at sea.
  • Our non Tobacco 50/50 range goes up to 12mg maximum in NIC strength, if you find that you need more, please give feedback so we can fully support our range and assist in any needs. 🙂 When ya call in to the Captain’s Port, we deliver the booty. That’s why they always be comin’ back!


  • D.O.A. swap out from Captain Vapour direct.
  • 3 months manufacturer warranty from Kangertech. We can handle this for you. 🙂



Captain Vapour Kangertech U-Boat BatteryCaptain Vapour Kangertech U-Boat SpecificationsCaptain Vapour Kangertech U-Boat Refillable Pod Cartridge Captain Vapour Kangertech U-Boat ChargerCaptain Vapour Kangertech U-Boat

Available now at Captain Vapour Store.
Captain Vapour is an Official Kangertech Authorized Reseller for New Zealand. ⚓

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  1. 4 out of 5

    Very Pocketable!Brilliantly stealthy little vape to have in your pocket for those moments you need a quick puff to replace the smoke you used to have! Keep it in the glove box when you head out to the shops or for that Sunday morning coffee.

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