Captain Vapour SMOK RESA STICK 7 Colour Square
Captain Vapour SMOK RESA STICK 7 Colour Square
Captain Vapour SMOK RESA STICK 7 Colour
Captain Vapour SMOK RESA STICK Black Photo
Captain Vapour SMOK RESA STICK Black
Captain Vapour SMOK RESA STICK Kit In Hand
Captain Vapour SMOK RESA STICK Mod In Hand
Captain Vapour SMOK RESA STICK Tanks And Coils In Hand

Smok Resa Stick

$75.00 $70.00

The Smok Resa Stick is the latest edition to Smok’s Vape Pen format range, delivering amazing vapour with almost SMOK Prince Stick level flavour in a very compact, functional vape unit.
Perfect for discretion at Admiralty events or as a 2nd spare cannon, and easily stowed in yer pirate jacket pocket.


Extra 5 Packs of Coils for your SMOK Resa Stick?

The Smok Resa Stick Kit comes with two coils. Do you need more Smok coils?
(5 coils should last 5 weeks+)

Extra 30ml of E-Liquid – Bestsellers

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Another 30ml of E-Liquid – Bestsellers

Why not stock up on Captain Vapour’s Bestselling E-Liquid with your purchase.

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Add a Squeezy Gorilla Bottle?

Glass is best for storage, recycling and hygiene, though cannot be squeezed for dripping.

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Smok Resa Stick Vape Pen

After road testing the SMOK Stick Prince prototype for over four months, I was pleased to welcome a slightly less grunty and more compact Smok Resa Stick. For our newer local vape enthusiasts who want intermediate vapour delivery experience while keeping the flavour here at our local port, the new Smok Resa Stick is perfect when running its SMOK V8 Baby M2 coil at 0.25ohms without a full wipeout!

Changing the coil out to the latest fashion, the off the shelf Mesh Coil, the Smok Resa Stick’s new Smok V8 Baby Mesh Coil @ 0.15ohms, surprises how much flavour delivery can be achieved, not far behind the SMOK Stick Prince in delivery and flavour. I was amazed to find the 0.15ohms capability for such a compact vape pen achieved. Nice work Smok, though with a good evening’s enjoyment/ thrashing of 3mg NIC Captain Vapour Mermaid’s Milk E-Liquid, we see the battery drain on the wee unit and the button light flash, advising ye Mermaid time is up sailor! Boo. Now what? Well its off to the USB port to charge her up. I wasn’t too surprised it could not do a full day at sea on the grunty coil, though if USB is close by then not a real problem.

For Captain Vapour, I see the SMOK Resa Stick perfect for an intermediate vape enthusiast, or a natural new to vaping direct lung ex- smoker and recommend using the Smok Resa Stick with the SMOK V8-Baby M2 0.25ohm coil which by using the slightly less grunty, intermediate style delivery comparable to our bestselling survivalist Kangertech CUPTI running a CLOCC 0.5ohm coil, but with more airflow and a slightly bigger kick, and when using the M2 0.25ohm coil gain a more respectable battery life. If our client prefers the Smok Resa Stick during a demo with the Smok V8-Baby Mesh coil, I would definitely recommend to go with longer battery life and grunt delivered from the Smok Stick Prince instead.

The Skipper’s Tales of the SMOK Resa Stick 


  • Compact, smaller than the previous Prince Stick release. Great for situations where vape unit discretion and pocket real estate is lacking.
  • Great flavour/ delivery for me using the Mesh Coil and still enjoyable on the M2 coil even though I like a gruntier delivery. Perfect intermediate or 2nd device.
  • Looks. Smok like it loud and their style is still working in the western world! For Colourful Motueka we have chosen the 7 Colour version and arrgghh 2nd colour choice is the notorious Pirate Flag and nostalgic national treasure, the NZ Black.
  • Single button operation. To me this is very important and to some of our clients – I also road tested a couple of other Smok vapes and while we are seeing lots of new features and flashy light and screens, its more to go wrong. Screen dead = end of the vape unit.
    • Rant to Vape Designers: An Electronic Liquid Vaporizer is for vaping, not light shows, phone calls or anything else. I believe in function, and this vape pen unit is a single button operation with its electronics and managed battery safety doing its thing in the background. If you can deliver perfectly like this, it shows simplicity is best.
    • Yes eye do like lights, and yes I do like a nice screen sometimes! But why do we need, oh look I have a flashy vape? There’s a whole generation now glued to their phone screens? – I get my fix and cure in a minute with me Psychedelic ships cat. The downside in non discrete vapes is an attraction to our inquisitive wee pirate trainees then wanting to control this light show and wanting a vape for themselves.
    • Vapes are for our generation of hand and oral habit tobacco industry leftovers, who were once told combustion cigarettes were good for you, then taxed for the pleasure, then fed by Pharma with tablets, patches, and other questionable $$$ cures. While vapes are great for Harm Reduction, I’d like to see them less and less over the next generation.
    • ⚓ Ahoy… What was that serious plank full of txt all about Captain!?
    • Single button use for non techie, electricity unaware vape users, keeps any confusion and misuse at bay.
  • Vape pen format. Great for slipping into your Pirate Jacket pocket un noticed. ⚓
  • So far no tank leak issues and a great 7.5ml capacity. Filling the tank is easy, you can even poor it it in if the upright pen is well secured. I’m sure we’ll see the odd bad coil day, but if as good as the Prince Stick, I’ve only seen one scuttling of the ship due to ye hull leaking in four months eye tell ye. Great tank.


  • Vape Pen format. Yes, its a love hate shipmates. The natural thing to do is to place the unit upright when put down. With its 7.5mm Resa Bay Tank glass bulging out the side, the pyrex glass tank is prone to game over disaster, especially if you are out on the road.
    • Grab a rubber vape band and even go with one with a hat/ rubber mouthpiece cover if you work in a dusty/ messy atmosphere. Ye also don’t want ya vape gettin’ pregnant now do thee? **All Captain Vapour Vape Pens are sent with a SOS survival band in case she tips too far! (Learn to rest the vape on its side to be safe.)
  • No spare glass in the box. I recommend stocking up on spare glass for a potential mishap event. Be very careful if disaster strikes, especially when changing out the glass or if wee urchins are close by, a hull breach (broken glass) can cause very sharp cracks and pieces. (I suffered an embarrassing event with my Smok Prince Stick on week one. Indeed land lubbers, there were no pirate sword fightin’ arrrghh Motueka market rumour folks generously spread, protectin’ ye Cap’n’s reputation. It be a lesson learned. Lay her down flat, and yer stick will be happy.⚓)
    • There are also straight edged, non bulging glass tanks available too, though this sees E-liquid capacity drop in the tank.
    • Captain Vapour has spare Resa Tank glass on order. We will have stock available on our website when we gain quantity. (If stuck, drop us an email.)
  • Built in batteries. My personal preference is to be able to swap out batteries and not be owned by USB. Its also great for instant full battery. After four month’s with the SMOK Prince Stick’s built in battery its still running just fine, though I expect to see its time between charging close up six to twelve months in.
    • For a built in battery vape my expectancy is six months of service. Using the Smok V8-Baby Mesh Coil full time on it I predict could be a challenge. But I have been wrong!
    • As for safety and fresh vaping journey clients, a built in battery is great, as battery safety and loose batteries in pockets will be avoided.
      **If you do not know about Hi Capacity vaporizer batteries, please find time for battery safety research and stay safe.
  • The name SMOK. We are trying to move away from smoke and combustion killing cigarettes. This brand name did not translate over so well team.

Smok Products @ Captain Vapour

We have been debating stocking SMOK for quite some time and while the SMOK Stick Prince delivers amazing vape and flavour with the SMOK V12 Prince M4 coil, trial on site with new to the vaping game clients found it a bit to powerful. I have used it everyday, and for me the SMOK Sick Prince is perfect as a second device and to have an instant 2nd flavour option, compact when pocket real estate is lacking, and also as a spare should we see a misplaced vape, empty tank or a dead battery situation. I will happily swap out to the Smok Resa Sick vape pen, though for me using the Smok V8 Baby Mesh Coil, I’d definitely bring it along as the 2nd device for handy more compact device for smaller expeditions at sea, returning to my main unit on return to my fleet.

The Smok Resa Stick, is the same vape pen style as the SMOK Stick Prince, sharing the same width but shorter, housing a more compact tank section, mouthpiece height, and built in MOD battery section and I have found its even better for your pocket.

If you are looking for a compact vape pen style device with intermediate Direct Lung vape delivery I would recommend the Smok Resa Stick with the Smok V8 Baby M2 0.25ohm coil. If you are happy and have access to usb charging throughout the day or are just an occasional Grunty Vape kind of sailor, it is perfect with the Smok V8 Baby Mesh Coil.

For slightly more delivery and longer battery life, yer Captain gives the nod to the notorious four month road tested Smok Stick Prince running the Smok V12 Prince M4 Coils.

These two superb Smok Vape Pen style units, while prone to a fall, are the best out there in our view, and are welcomed to Captain Vapour’s fleet.

Thanks for reading ye wall of txt, slightly serious in places, but she all goes down in ye Captain’s Ship’s Log. Over and Out for now.

Jon @ Captain Vapour ⚓

Smok Resa Stick Main Features

Smok Resa Stick Specifications

  • Capacity: 7.5ml
  • Atomizer Size: 28 * 56mm (Standard Edition)
  • Battery Capacity: 2000mah
  • Battery Size: 25 * 83mm
  • Mod Battery Connection Thread: 510

Operation Guide

  • Airflow Adjustable: Bottom of tank
  • Tank Filling: Top
  • Voltage Range: 3.4V-4.2V
  • Standby Current: <200μA
  • Battery Cell: Lithium 2000mAh Built in with safety cutoff.

SMOK Resa Stick Kit Box Contents:

Further Reading:

Please read the user manual carefully before using this device. All devices are different.


Captain Vapour SMOK RESA STICK Cloud Hunter Captain Vapour SMOK RESA STICK Safety Features Captain Vapour SMOK RESA STICK Box Contents Captain Vapour SMOK RESA STICK Performance Captain Vapour SMOK RESA STICK Light Button Captain Vapour SMOK RESA STICK 2000mAh Captain Vapour SMOK RESA STICK Specification Breakout Captain Vapour SMOK RESA STICK Cobra Drip Tip Captain Vapour SMOK RESA STICK Tank Details Captain Vapour SMOK RESA STICK Cobra Tank Airflow Captain Vapour SMOK RESA STICK Tank Filling Captain Vapour SMOK RESA STICK Cobra Tank Mesh Coil

Smok Resa Stick Video Review from IndoorSmokers:

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