Heat Not Burn Dry Herb Vaporizers

Heat Not Burn Dry Herb Vaporizers can provide you with a convenient, highly portable way to benefit from aromatherapy without inhaling potentially toxic smoke. Dry herb vapes are the perfect solution for anyone who wants to be able to enjoy any type of dry herbal material on the go, which includes vaporizing Tobacco as a Heat not Burn device, without the combustion.
To start you on your Dry Herb Vaping journey, we’re also selling small quantity loose dry herbs right here from Captain Vapour. Captain Vapour is an official New Zealand reseller of DaVinci, Pax, Arizer, Firefly, and Grenco Science’s highly reviewed GPen products. *Please read our Battery safety guide and do your research before using any vaporizers with an advanced battery.

Why is our Heat Not Burn Dry Herb Vape Stock Low?

Our HEAT NOT BURN portable dry herb vaporizers vaporize tobacco between 120 – 150 degrees celsius perfectly,  and are no different than the less advanced tobacco company portable device offerings. A District Court decision case in May 2018 ruled these products can be lawfully sold under the Smoke-free Environments Act 1990 and Ministry of Health have issued an update on June 9th 2018.

We have been advised that our vaporizers/ heating devices with ceramic bowls can be used for other purposes than the legal aromatherapy dry herbs we sell, or with tobacco. (Yes I know, so can rolling papers, lighters, domestic ovens, etc…)

Captain Vapour already follows the Ministry Of Health’s directed requirements in their 9th June 2018 ruling, and we are waiting on our next 21 day response time from Customs NZ.

Listed below is the last of our stock here in New Zealand until we are given the all clear. We will update as soon as we have a response.

**Please be careful if you choose to risk ordering from distribution companies posing to be here in New Zealand, we have heard reports of extra duty & tax bills complete with a seizure warning letter from customs due to their products being sent directly from overseas.