Kangertech Coils

Captain Vapour only stocks authentic Kangertech Coils for our vaporizers and tanks.

The current Kangertech Coils range includes these types of coils:

Kangertech CLOCC Coils: which are compatible with our current Kanger CUPTI, CUPTI2, TOGO vaporizers and the CLTANK4.
Kangertech SSOCC Coils: which are compatible with our IKEN Kit, K-Kiss, K-Pin, TopBox Mini, SubTank Mini, TopTank Mini and the Kanger PROTANK4.
Kangertech Clapton Coils: these are SSOCC fitting 0.5Ω coils, suited to all SSOCC units.
Kangertech Tiger Coils: these are compatible with the huge Kangertech Five6.
Kangertech VOCC-T Coils: these are suited to our Kanger TOPEVOD vaporizers.

1.5Ω coils are suited to MTL (Mouth to lung) vaping and run on your vaporizer at a lower wattage. (7-15 Watts) – (Also better suited to higher mg E-Liquids. 12mg+.)
0.5Ω coils are more suited to DL (Direct lung) vaping and can be run on your vaporizer at a higher wattage. (20+ Watts) (These work well with lower mg and high VG content E-Liquids. ZERO to 12mg.)

Kangertech Coils for Temperature Control Vaporizers:

Many of the Kanger vaporizer product line have a temperature control feature, all SSOCC and CLOCC coils can be run using this feature. Please check the vaporizer and coil’s product manual supplied with your vaporizer for further details. Feel free to drop us a line for any extra advice.

*Please read our Battery safety guide and do your research before using any vaporizer coils needing an advanced battery.