Welcome to our starter vapes page. Vaporizer choice can be very daunting, especially with so many brands, and different product functions out there. From client feedback we decided on stocking only a range of thoroughly tested quality products from established manufacturers – we have picked the best vaporizers from starter to intermediate level styles, making sure we supplying the safest and best quality products available for anyone needing starter vapes.

Please review our Vaporizer & E-Cigarette Information page if you would like more info on vaporizers, some background, and how they work.

What On Going Parts and E-Liquid do I need for my chosen vaporizer?

Captain Vapour starter vapes have all the required parts for first use on their product pages, which include the replaceable heating elements (Coils & Cartridges), and suited E-Liquid choices for the device. You will also notice added options for any compatible extras relevant to the product, making the order process as easy as possible.

If you are unsure or need any help, please feel free to use our contact page.

Which Starter Vape Should I Chose?

We do our best to align the correct device to the person. Everyone is different, have different habits, ability, needs, methods of inhaling, and like different flavours.

Method of Inhaling (The two types of vaping):

A great way to find which type of device is for you, is to establish how you currently inhale:

Mouth to Lung (MTL): When you inhale a tar based cigarette, do you hold the smoke in your mouth and then pull it down to your lungs? If so, this aligns you to the most common new to vaping method, known as Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) vaping, using thinner viscosity “50/50” E-Liquid which is vaporized in smaller units with a weaker heating element (Coil/ Cartridge).
**All devices on this New To Vaping page can work as a MTL device.

Direct Lung Vaping (DL): If you draw your combustion cigarette smoke directly to your lungs, we have found through direct client assistance, that 95% go straight to an intermediate vape, selecting a Direct Lung vaping configuration. Direct Lung vaping uses a more powerful heating element (sub ohm coil), producing more flavour and more vapour, with less than half the nicotine level in the E-Liquid compared to the MTL method. The thicker viscosity, plant based VG Heavy E-Liquid is used for Direct-Lung-Vaping.
**The Kangertech CUPTI is Captain Vapour’s No.1 Direct Lung Starter vape.
Our TOGO Mini can run with Direct Lung coils, but we find drives this compact device to its limits with constant use.

Which E-Liquid Should I Chose for the Starter Vapes?

If you are attempting to migrate to vaping, we recommend replicating as many factors that you are acquainted with to your new vaporizer. If you have never tried flavoured vaping before, client experience shows to start with a Tobacco E-Liquid flavour.

Our Premium E-Liquid is made here in Motueka New Zealand, with all ingredients sourced direct from reputable specialists from around the globe, ensuring the highest quality E-Juice delivered.

N.B. We are one of the only E-Liquid companies who recycle our bottles. We use glass over plastic – please try to get the bottles back to us when there’s no room left on your shelf!
Let’s do our bit New Zealand. ⚓

Captain Vapour specialises in supporting new to intermediate vapers with hardware (with a sprinkling of advanced), and our Captain Vapour E-Liquid is enjoyed at all levels across the world.


Kangertech U-Boat Pod/ Cartridge System (Easy Setup)

The Kangertech U-Boat is set to be one of our bestselling Starter Vapes at Captain Vapour. Clients beginning and requiring a spare are loving this device. Simplicity and delivery.
Extra Kangertech U-Boat Refillable Pod Cartridges and Captain Vapour E-Juice can be purchased with the U-Boat.
This system is easy to use, and the Pods are refillable, making them cheaper to run than other brands.

Weekly cost to run after initial purchase:
Roughly 1 x U-Boat Pod Cartridge + 10 – 20mls of Captain Vapour E-Liquid = $15-20 per week.

Captain Vapour is selling the Kangertech U-Boats at the lowest price possible, so we are doing our part to help save a billion lives, making it easier for anyone to embark on a vaping journey to harm reduction. Once we have plenty of stock, this may drop again. All we ask is you support us with any future Premium E-Liquid purchases and later Vaporizer upgrades.

Captain Vapour Kangertech U-Boat How It Works

Base Unit $25 • Pods 3 for $10 • $20 Per Week To Run


Kangertech TOGO Mini (Easy to Use)

The Kangertech TOGO Mini packs a mean punch for a small format compact device, which runs perfectly with the CLOCC 1.0ohm Mouth to Lung coils – this is the next level up from a Kangertech U-Boat by delivering more vapour and flavour.

The Kangertech TOGO starter vape is designed for beginners, mouth to lung vapers, or users looking for a spare/ new compact & portable setup.

We allow clients to trial all different levels of vape at our market, this unit has been great for new clients wanting a decent mouth to lung delivery, without a bulky unit.

The TOGO starter vapes work best with CLOCC 1.0ohm (heating elements), vaporizing 0-12mg VG Heavy E-Liquid. (VG= thicker viscosity plant based Vegetable Glycerin)

Captain Vapour Kangertech TOGO Mini


Kangertech CUPTI (Intermediate Setup)

We then go up again in delivery to the direct lung CLOCC 1.0ohm friendly intermediate vape, the Kangertech CUPTI. This is still one of our bestselling vapes here in Port Motueka and very popular with our manual labourers and outdoor workers due to its portability, survival and intermediate vape delivery.

Both the Kangertech CUPTI and Kangertech TOGO use the CLOCC coils, which are interchangeable between both units should an upgrade take place down the line.

The main benefits of the CUPTI vaporizer over the TOGO to consider are:

  • Larger E-Liquid capacity
  • Adjustable wattage to tune the heat for the E-Liquid
  • More wattage available.
  • Replaceable 18650 Battery that will last longer and deliver more power. (Especially with a 2nd battery with dedicated charger for instant battery swap out.)

Saying this, the TOGO is excellent for its size and its simplicity with just one button. The TOGO vaporizer is extremely portable, and delivers a much better vape experience than any standard entry level pen style vaporizer.

Captain Vapour New To Vaping Breakdown


Face to Face Information and Assistance

Captain Vapour’s local purpose is to supply face to face information, advice, on going support, and assistance from our Motueka Sunday Market, socialising with our local community, and 1000s of tourists from around the world.

If you are curious if vaping could work for you, by using Captain Vapour’s years of client and product experience, we can assist finding the perfect starter vape setup, through discovering your ability, taste and requirements, then demonstrate how to use any suited devices, then adjust from your feedback to find the correct level and function for your needs. If you decide to purchase from us, we insist on setting the device up with you, making the first part of your journey into Harm Reduction as smooth as possible. Captain Vapour has assisted 1000s in our part to help save “A Billion Lives”.

Feel free to drop us a line if Port Motueka is too far away, we will check our sonar and reply when back @ Port. At ease for now sailors.

Jon @ Captain Vapour ⚓

For New Zealand: Captain Vapour is an Authorized AVCA NZ Reseller.
For product support, Captain Vapour is an Official Kangertech Authorized Reseller for New Zealand.