Vape Coils NZ – Atomizer Vaporizer Coils

Captain Vapour only stocks authentic Vape Coils NZ / Atomizer Vaporizer Coils for our E-Liquid Vaporizers and Vape Tanks.
We stock available vape coils for all our E-Liquid Vapes in stock, and we try our best to keep coils available for any discontinued/ upgraded product range for six months after the last vape unit sold.

Our Captain Vapour Vaporizer Coil range includes the following brands, where we have dedicated pages with more detailed information:

Captain Vapour SMOK Vape Coils NZ - SMOK Vaporizer Coils NZ 1

Geekvape Coils NZ

Geekvape Coils NZ for our compatible vaporizers. We fully support and stock the complete range for the Aero Mesh Sub Ohm Tank in the rugged and waterproof GeekVape Aegis Legend Kit. and Geekvape AEGIS Mini Kit with Cerberus Tank & Marshmellow Coils for the Geekvape Alpha Tank.
N.B. SMOK V8 Baby Coils are compatible.

SMOK Coils Nz

SMOK Coils Nz range including SMOK V12 Prince Coils SMOK V8 Baby Coils
** More Authentic SMOK compatible coils arriving as available.
Please contact desired SMOK Coil not currently stocked, as we do have more, but only list online when we have plenty to share to all.

Kangertech Coils

Kangertech Coils range including U-Boat Pods, SSOCC, SSOCC Clapton, SSOCC Ceramic, CLOCC, VOCC-T, R2-OCC, R8-OCC, and Tiger Coils.

iJOY Coils

iJOY Coils for our iJOY Captain X3 SubOhm Tank – iJOY X3-C2, iJOYX3-C3

Vape Coils NZ & Warranty

Manufacturers do not offer any warranty on coils, and its normal to see the odd bad one. If you feel you have two in a row not functioning as expected, please contact and return if a D.O.A. issue. After testing, we will replace if we find the same issue with a sealed, unused coil, from the returned pack.

Vaporizer Coil Care Tips from the Captain:

  • Always prime your coils before use for longer coil life.
  • Check your E-Liquid level regularly to avoid a “Dry Hit” – it can happen to the best!
  • If you vape with no E-Liquid you will burn the cotton, you will know about it, and there is no way back except a new coil.
  • *Please check your Electronic Liquid Vape Device is compatible with the coil type before ordering, especially with temperature controlled coils and very low Sub Ohm coils.
  • *Please read our Battery safety guide and do your research before using any vaporizer coils needing an advanced battery.

If you do not see what you need, feel free to drop us a line. We may have stocks in the engine room. Captain Vapour NZ. ⚓