Vape Tanks NZ – Vaporizer Atomizers

Vape Tanks NZ, Advanced RDAs, RTAs, also collectively known as Vaporizer Atomizers, are a welcomed edition to your vape experience and are the furnace of the heating and vaping experience.

For most vapes you can unscrew off your current Vape Tank/ Atomizer and screw on a different RTA/ Atomizer in seconds, give you more options and instant new flavour and if a grunter unit, a bigger hit!

Captain Vapour sells battery Vape MOD devices separately, with suited tanks at multi buy prices on the Vape MOD’s product page delivering the complete package with ease.

Captain Vapour GeekVape AERO Mesh Tank Orange And Black

More Vape Tanks, RTAs and RDAs on the way

Captain Vapour is currently expanding all our lines of vape products, so keep a close eye as updated weekly seeing Ship Hot deals from our Port Of Motueka. NZ. ⚓

*You will need a compatible Vape MOD device for the Vaporizer Tanks, RDAs, RTAs (Atomizers – engine room) to work with products on this page. Details can be found within each Vape Atomizer product and if you need some advice or assistance, please feel free to drop us a line – we understand the products we sell as we use them and test them before going into Captain Vapour’s stock/ ship’s hold.

*If you haven’t already researched batteries, their safety, and how they work, please read our Battery safety guide. – Do your research before using any vaporizer atomizer needing an advanced battery.

VAPE TANKS - Vaporizer Atomizers