Vapes | Vaporizer Starter Kits

Vaporizer choice can be very daunting with so many brands and different product functions out there. From client feedback we decided on stocking only a range of thoroughly tested quality products from established manufacturers. We have picked the best vapes for each starter, intermediate and advanced level styles for our Vaporizer Starter Kits, making sure we are supplying the safest products available for the cost.

If you wish to see if E-Liquid vaping is right for you, we would recommend an intermediate product such as the Kanger CUPTI, as the entry level vaporizers do not give a true experience of what an E-Liquid Vaporizer can do. If you can get down to see us at the Motueka Sunday Market, we can help you with your choice and demonstrate on how to use our devices.

Our E-Liquid Vaporizer Full Kits are presented in start up kits with these extras that will see you through the first few weeks:

1. An extra five pack of coils will see you through for six weeks.

  • We recommend selecting the 1.5ohm coil choice if you are going with a high mg Tobacco flavour
  • Select a 0.5Ω or Clapton coil choice if you are going for a lower mg flavoured E-Liquid.

2. The choice of 2 x 10ml of Captain Vapour E-Liquid will last you up to a week. (Usage dependent. Grab more if you are a heavy enthusiast!)
3. A high end authentic 18650 vaporizer battery that will keep you safe.

*Please read our Battery safety guide and do your research before using any vaporizer with an advanced battery.

Captain Vapour Kanger CUPTI Vaporizer Starter Kits