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In regard to E Liquid information, those who aren’t familiar with electronic cigarettes, most don’t know how to get started with refillable tanks and E-Liquid. They just know that some vapes they’ve seen have tanks which are filled with liquid, and they seem to be much more satisfying than the pens and e-cigarettes from the local dairy/ corner shop/ amenities store.

For those who think visually, think of it like this.  As a smoker, you know how important tobacco is to the experience. Without it, there would be no experience. Essentially, e liquid and e-juice are to electronic cigarettes what tobacco is to cigarettes. They create the smoke (vapour) and can contain the nicotine except there is one massive difference….
No Combustion = Harri Reduction.

This page is to help with E-Liquid information, please do your own research and google all the risks associated with Vaping, Smoking and E-Liquid, especially if you are already using vaporizers.So let’s get right down to it and look at how e liquid works, whether it’s safe, and how you can use it to enhance your e-cig experience.

Ingredients Found In Electronic Cigarette Liquid – E Juice Information

The first question anyone has about e liquid is, “What’s in that shite?” And that’s understandable because not many people know anything about it. It’s relatively new, and it just seems a little strange to be vaporizing a liquid with nicotine in it. But we’re going to break it down and show how it’s that much better than smoking tobacco.

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Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin: The Base Ingredients of E-Liquid

One of the best advantages to smoking electronic cigarettes is the fact that you are exposing your body to far, far fewer toxins and carcinogens than if you were smoking processed tobacco. Most of the toxins from a standard cigarette are due to combustion. E-Liquid typically has only four ingredients: Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG) (starter vapes being “50/50” and the more powerful “VG Heavy” or you might see “70/30”), the flavouring, distilled water and nicotine (optional).

It’s tough believe that that’s all…  Many people worry about the vaporization of the PG & VG, but both are commonly used in pharmaceuticals, makeup, food preservatives, ice cream, and much more. All over the shop… They may not be entirely safe, but we can be almost certain that they’re far safer than the alternative analogue cigarette with a recent study in the UK showing 95% safer. This is real harm reduction. If only world governments could allow this as a tobacco replacement over Pharma and Tobacco ways/ $$$…. Let’s look into each of these ingredients.

Propylene Glycol

Many anti-vapour critics have said that propylene glycol is used as the antifreeze, and said that e-cig users are basically inhaling antifreeze. If they had just done a quick google search on the subject, they would see why that’s not true at all.

PG used as anti-freeze is called “industrial grade” and is not pure Propylene Glycol. The PG used in e-liquids is called USP Propylene Glycol, and it is pharmaceutical grade, 99.9% pure. With all the initial big company/ media injected corporation confusion and mis- information in our heads before we enter the world of vaping, with research into real data, we soon realize that things are not what they seem.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has classified propylene glycol as an additive that is “generally recognized as safe” for use in food. It is used to absorb extra water and maintain moisture in certain medicines, cosmetics, or food products.

-Quote courtesy of the Agency for Toxic Substances and Abuse Registry

Regarding how it affects vaping use (e-cigarette), PG typically causes dry mouth and doesn’t create massive clouds of vapour; however it is used because it carries flavours better.
We would be 100% VG at Captain Vapour, though in comparison the 20% PG in the full mix is the part carrying the magic. The Flavour.

Vegetable Glycerin

Vegetable Glycerin is very similar to Propylene Glycol regarding safety. It’s non-toxic and non-carcinogenic, and studies have shown that whether you ingest it or inhale it, it has no harmful effect on the lungs or any part of your body. Vegetable Glycerin is perfectly safe for inhalation.

In terms of how it affects your e-cig use, well vegetable glycerin typically creates larger clouds of vapour but does not carry flavour as well. This is why many juice makers will mix PG & VG in different percentages to find the right combination of flavour and vapour production. Also, there are a small % of people with allergies to propylene glycol, and we see vegetable glycerin as a hypoallergenic.

Nicotine: The Source of It All

E-Liquid Information - NicotineNicotine is the reason behind everything. It’s the substance in tobacco that brought us here and the ingredient in e-liquid that keeps us here. But there’s a difference between the two worlds. Mainly, nicotine content isn’t measured or used in the tobacco cigarette market at all. You don’t know how much nicotine you’re getting per cigarette.

But in the vaping world, it is highly measured and highly customizable. Nicotine levels will vary with manufacturer, but for the most part, they are pretty standard. They will either be marked as mg/mL or %. Here are the typical strengths you will find:

  • 0 mg/ml (0.0%) – For those who quit smoking but still have an oral fixation for a cigarette
  • 6 mg/ml (0.6%) -Sometimes marked as 0.6% . A little below what could be compared to a light cigarette
  • 12 mg/ml (1.2%) – Sometimes marked as 1.2%. This is level is typically favored by those who used to smoke light cigarettes
  • 18 mg/ml (1.8%) – This can be considered an average level, for regular smokers and vapers who prefer some nicotine
  • 24 mg/ml (2.4%) – A bit on the high side and preferred by people considered heavy smokers

Looking at the nicotine levels above should give you an idea of what your choices will be when picking up your e-liquid. If you don’t feel like e-cigarettes are helping with switching over completely, think about upping the strength. If you feel dizzy when you use it or any other symptoms, we’d recommend checking with your doctor and definitely going to a lower strength.

Another factor with nicotine strength is the type of unit you use. The more powerful, the more delivery, so less nicotine is needed for the client. More information on the can be found in our “Captain Vapour Starter Vape” section.

E-Juice Flavours – E Liquid Information

Vape E-Liquid Flavouring

The flavouring used in E-Liquid is a concentrate that is actually made by some manufacturers of concentrated flavours used for homemade baking/ candy/ lollies. The flavouring comes in either alcohol-based extract or oil based. Over time flavouring companies and tobacco company scares have helped show these safe and great to vape/ inhale as an alternative for Harm Reduction.

One big part to consider are allergies. If you are allergic to strawberries for example, concentrated flavours contain strawberries too.

In terms of what this means for flavour options, it basically makes them unlimited. E-Liquid manufacturers can combine any amounts of the concentrate and alter the levels of PG and VG to really take flavour customization to a whole new level. Which is why you see so many flavours on the market today. The average mix is 20% flavouring.

E Liquid and Safety

There have as of yet been no studies completed to show what the short or long term effects of smoking e-cigarettes might be. For the most part however, common sense would dictate that it is much safer than traditional tobacco smoking. Consider for a moment the ingredients of a tobacco cigarette. There are over 400 different chemicals and additives found in a typical cigarette. So when you smoke a cigarette, you are putting all of those things into your body, and it HAS been proven to be dangerous.

With electronic cigarettes and the e-liquid, they use there are only four ingredients as compared to the over 400 of a tobacco cigarette. In addition to that huge difference in numbers, the 4 are all safe and have been proven as such. Well, that is, with the exception of the nicotine. Regardless, when you compare the two options, it is clear to see that the electronic cigarette and the e-liquid is much, much safer than the alternative. Common sense is something that by definition we should all have in abundance, so if I am using mine, I would have to say that the e-liquid is the safer, cleaner, and tastier of the two. If people aren’t going to quit smoking cigarettes, then why not just switch to something that is probably much safer?

Steeping your E-Juice

Steeping e-liquid may sound complicated, but in all actuality, it is not. New vapers may have heard the term thrown during vape meets while experienced users know its value through and through.

At it’s most basic, steeping is when e-juices stored with caps open and nozzles removed to allow air to get in. Aside from getting aerated, this also allows the ingredients to settle fully. Whenever we have a batch of e-liquids, we always make sure to remove all caps and nozzles and store them in a cool, dry place for a couple of days. Most E-Liquid is ready to go, but if only made the day before sending, it may take a few days for the flavour to come through.

By steeping the e-juice, the ingredients inside are given time to settle and interact with each other, resulting in a more flavourful product. There are times when new e-juice may seem awful at first, but after it is steeped, it may taste wholly different. Whenever you find a flavour not quite to your liking, store it for a few days and try again, you could be in for a surprise.

Some e-liquids get its full flavour after a few hours while others may take several days. If you are serious about getting the most out of your e-, some trial and error is required. It is important to note that some manufacturers pre-steep their product, so it is ready to vape in all its flavourful glory once it is in vapers’ hands. Check the date on your bottle!

When you decide to start steeping your e-juice, be sure to store it in a cool, dry, and safe place. Somewhere where kids or pets won’t get any access. The last thing you would want is to have all your e-liquid spilled and ruined by accident.

While steeping is not at all required, it does improve the overall vaping experience. If you have the time or your vape e-lquid isn’t as expected, save missing out on your e-liquid’s full flavour potential. Steep it!


All Captain Vapour E-Liquid uses premium ingredients sourced from New Zealand or FDA approved Italian & USA established suppliers, then carefully crafted right here in Motueka, NZ. Quality is important to us, so we store and sell our e-liquid in specially manufactured frosted glass bottles with childproof caps, pointed glass droppers and are shrink wrapped for security – glass eliminates any flavour reaction to plastic, keeps light out of the E Liquid for a longer shelf life, and most importantly, glass is better for our environment.
**We will recycle any empty Captain Vapour bottles sent back to us.**

Captain Vapour only adds 100% Organic Vegetable Glycerin to our E-Juice.
Why Organic?: A nicer flavour.
**Captain Vapour E-Liquid contains PG. The best tasting premium flavour concentrates we mix are carried in PG. We add up to 80% Organic VG for total content**

Keep locked up and out of reach of children
In case of accident or if you feel unwell seek medical advice immediately
Not for use by pregnant or breastfeeding women.
May contain nuts
May be harmful if swallowed
For over 18 use only
Please use responsibly

Made in New Zealand by Captain Vapour.

Vape safely sailors. Captain Vapour. 

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